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Pawsitively perfect pet photography

Our pets are more than animals. They're family.


If you want lasting, cherished memories of your furry children, look no further.  We can get those perfect shots. We believe in dogs with goofy personalities and wide open spaces. Mischievious cats that still play like kittens. And the special love found in households with pets.

Please look at our gallery below for examples of our work. We want you to love your photos as much as you love your pets!


Frolic & Purr is the culmination of Toronto photographer Megan Schijven's love for animals and passion for photography. When not out shooting, Megan can often be found volunteering at local animal shelters, or playing in the park with her two Bernedoodle puppies Tiger and Lili.

The premier pet photography company in Toronto. For dog photography in Toronto, look no further.

Puppies in the Snow
Puppy in the Leaves
Best Friends
Puppy Sillouette
I'm Coming!
Grassy Pooch
Smiling Puppy
Cone of Shame
Lazy Kitty
Puppy at the Beach

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We are permanently closed. We wish all pet owners a happy and loving rest of 2020. 

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakend."

-Anatole France